Dual use & easy installation

Double tile for a simple implementation

  • Traditional aesthetic and plaster mould finish
  • Unique implementing and waterproofing
  • Economic format

Northern tileThe TÉNORD, new model of the EDILIANS small mould tiles range produced in the North area (Hauts-de-France), within the Audomarois in the Wardrecques factory. The TÉNORD is perfect fot the historic patrimony of its region, while bringing all the features of the modernity.Plater mould finish, perfectly smoothThe TÉNORD is made through an innovative fabrication process that gives it a perfectly smooth aspect and an optimal finish. the aesthetic of the TÉNORD tile respect traditions, thin nose and narrow curves.Unique implementingThe TÉNORD tile has an exclusive implementing : with 20mm of lenght and 4mm lateral. Thanks to its modernity, it ensures implementing flexibility with its unique gauge and its vriable useful width, as well as a waterproofing syste due to its double interlocking and cloaking.economic formateasy to implement for renovation, the TÉNORD tile is also perfect for new build thanks to its economical 270mm max gauge (up to 18,7 tiles / m²).


Interlock Double
Laid In line
Lenght overall 340 mm
Overall width 198 mm
Unit weight in Kg 2.40
DTU Implementation 40-21
Tilery Wardrecques
Reference 311
Coverage per m² From 18.7 to 20.2
Nominal gauge From 250 mm to 270 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 3.70 ml to 4 ml
Working width From 196 mm to 200 mm
Quantity per pallet 420 tiles


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