High technicality combined with a historical model

  • double interlocking
  • high level of tightness
  • In-Line and Broken-bonded
  • high quality finishing
  • variable gauge
  • new shape

A modern tile

The Diamant is a slightly cambered large format tile. Gold Trophy design winner at Batimat in 2003, it gives a permanent pattern to the roof, thanks to its multifaceted surface.

Brilliant, in all senses of the word.

The Diamant tile is decidedly modern, with its unique innovative aesthetics. This large slightly cambered tile gives a permanent pattern to the roof, thanks to its multifaceted surface.

Top quality

The Diamant tile is made in the Beauvais region from the area's finest clays, which guarantee its finish and its strength.

A tile with tremendous presence

Winner of the design trophy at Batimat 2003 and popularised in the programme D & CO, the Diamant seduces all those who come across it. Including you?


Interlock Double
Laid Broken bonded
Lenght overall 450 mm
Overall width 304 mm
Unit weight in Kg 4.30
DTU Implementation 40-21
Tilery St-Germer-De-Fly
Reference 219
Coverage per m² 10
Nominal gauge 380 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof 2.63 ml
Working width 260 mm
Quantity per pallet 240 tiles


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