An adaptable tile

The Gelis Plein Sud tile is a large format interlocking canal tile with a pronounced camber. It is produced at Leguevin near Toulouse. As its name indicates, it is a tile that is typical of the South of France. The incomparable variety of finishes available allows you to adapt your roof to the local architectural style.


The Gelis Plein Sud boasts the widest range of colours on the market. The tones of raw silk, red and brown, allied to shades of jasper are ideally suited to recreating that traditional regional look. The Gelis Plein Sud guarantees a level of finish that is unique in the building trade.


The Gelis Plein Sud combines the traditional effect of a canal tile with the technical advances of latest generation interlocking tiles.

Easy to install

The installation of Gelis Plein Sud can be adapted both vertically and laterally. This adaptability allows for rapid and easy installation on all roof formations. Most special features can even be realised without using mortar.


Interlock Double
Laid In line
Lenght overall 480 mm
Overall width 316 mm
Unit weight in Kg 4.40
DTU Implementation 40-21
Tilery Léguevin
Reference 106
Coverage per m² From 9.6 to 11.4
Nominal gauge From 380 mm to 404 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 2.47 ml to 2.63 ml
Working width From 231 mm to 257 mm
Quantity per pallet 180 tiles


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