PLAIN TILE 20X30 Huguenot

High quality & economical

  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect for new build and renovation
  • Discreetly shouldered cross-camber
  • Unique anti-capillary channels
  • Low pitch (30°) suitability
  • Compatible with EDILIANS PV Modules

A tile at the right price

The Plain 20/30 Huguenot is a large format clay tile, made in France, like all Imerys tiles. The Plate Huguenot is made at St Germer de Fly near Beauvais.


The Plain Huguenot draws its remarkable quality from the renowned clays of the Beauvais region. Manufacturing procedures and firing do the rest.


The Plain Huguenot 20/30 is larger than traditional flat tiles. Once installed, you barely notice the difference. However, the difference is huge when it comes to cost and installation. Because of its size, the Plain Huguenot allows you to recreate the appearance of roofs made with small rectangular flat tiles, but at a fraction of the cost.


The Plain 20/30 Huguenot gives a very pure line to the most ornate roofs. It is available in a wide range of colours to satisfy local demands, both in newbuild and renovation.


Laid Broken bonded
Lenght overall 300 mm
Overall width 200 mm
Unit weight in Kg 1.60
DTU Implementation 40-23
Tilery St-Germer-De-Fly
Reference 510
Coverage per m² From 43.5 to 47.6
Nominal gauge From 105 mm to 115 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 43.5 ml to 47.6 ml
Working width 200 mm
Quantity per pallet 660 tiles


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