OMEGA 10 Ste Foy

Technically and visually stunning

Made with the best clay

  • Clay quality
  • Canal estethic
  • Easy to implement
  • Great value for money
  • Best seller in France

Outstanding quality

The Omega 10 Ste Foy tile is a large format tile with a bold roll, produced at Quincieux and Ste Foy l'Argentiere in the Rhone valley. Its unique appearance, thanks to its hidden headlock and the pleasing relationship between its bold roll and flat area, make it popular with a wide range of buyers looking for the aesthetics of a genuine canal tile but without the cost implications.

Resistant to all testing

The first clay tile bearing the name NF Montagne and boasting one of the best mechanical resistances on the market, now comes with a new finish for use on lower ground.

Make your choice

A wide range of rich colours including reds, bronze, browns and pastels. Eight shades which are sure to please.

Established good looks

Very easy to install, the Omega 10 offers vertical and lateral tolerance which makes it perfectly adaptable to all roof layouts, both newbuild and restoration. Its extensive range of matching and imaginative accessories(such as ridge fillers or hip foot) only add to the traditional canal tile look.


Interlock Double
Laid In line
Lenght overall 495 mm
Overall width 305 mm
Unit weight in Kg 4.83
DTU Implementation 40-21
Tilery Ste Foy l’Argentière
Reference 104
Coverage per m² From 10 to 11.7
Nominal gauge From 390 mm to 410 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 2.44 ml to 2.56 ml
Working width From 220 mm to 245 mm
Quantity per pallet 180 tiles


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